Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 22:

Went to Nha Tho Lon Church (the main Catholic cathedral) on Church Street. Men sat on one side, women on the other.

Only the foreigners didn't get that and, quite interestingly, the women picked the men's side and the men the women's side!!!

* * * * * 

I am back in the Old Quarter, my favorite section of Hanoi. It's packed with people, cars, motorbikes. Like old friends, I am glad to be back.

It's a rule in Vietnam that everyone has to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike. A shopkeeper loaned me her cute one (has a slit on the back for woman's pony tail, and not approved by US standard) and gave me a ride to the Button Market to buy shell buttons for Philip. 

The lanterns brightened up a section at the Ma Market where people sell paper money, clothes and furniture, all kind of things as burnt offering to their dead ancestors.

The Ma Market

Got a call from Mrs. Mai: "Can we meet tomorrow?" 


Me, in my bed, after a long day, with mosquito
netting all around. Very typical in VN.

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