Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 10: left tranquil Nha Trang for the fast, furious and fascinating Hanoi.
Hanoi was hot and humid, but I always love it here. It inspired me!

Asked around about Hop Tien, but no one heard of it... Meanwhile, I will just enjoy this wonderful city.

I am thankful for Chi Binh for giving me her sweet home in walking distance to the old quarters, my favorite parts of Hanoi. She made sure I had all my favorite food: whatever I want!!!! Here is a photo of one of them: xoi, or steamed rice with coconut and roasted sesame seeds.

There are so many more cars. Have you seen a bicycle being transported by a motorbike?

Visit a few galleries. Made new friends. Ate lots of pho, and banh cuon, com via he (food sold on the side walk)..and more. Clothes got too tight!!

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